Nepal is 80% Hindu, but the Sherpas are Buddhist and their fluttering  prayer flags, carved mani stones and chortens are proud, yet fading symbols of the compassion and wisdom inherent in Tibetan Buddhism.  What's more, the Sherpas' increasing dependence on the trekking industry is both undeniable and alarming.  While Sherpas who live along the main trekking routes may gain a seasonal income as porters, guides and guesthouse owners, those in more remote locations find themselves cut-off - lacking the traditional skills that once offered self-sufficiency.  In planning and designing the Sherpa Cultural Center, we are committed to creating an atmosphere where  Sherpa heritage is known and valued, where the environment is
honored, and where teachers understand  that each student has a vast and unique potential.  Our graduates will be fluent in Sherpa, Nepali, Tibetan and English.  The Center will nurture a spirit of self confidence, social responsibility, environmental awareness and cultural pride.

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