The Himalayan Project

The unrivaled physical beauty of the Himalayan region is staggering, immediately dwarfing anything on the human scale and making one wonder how man could ever have blown his importance so out of proportion.  There is a rhythmic, pulsating and sensual quality to this ancient landscape and culture that in spite of its incredible harshness can still present a sweet tenderness and vulnerability if only one scratches the surface.

Nepal is a country on the edge in every way, riddled with political instability and sinking to its knees under the pressure of poverty and hopelessness.  Filled with an incredible complexity of landscape, Nepal has paid dearly by being forced to live outside the laws of nature, constantly balancing tensions of the two superpowers of China and India which surround it.  The Sherpa people and their traditions and rituals are clinging to a culture that has been devastated by war, government neglect and unconstrained tourism.

The mission of the Himalayan Project is to encourage the cultural preservation of indigenous people of the Himalaya, through education, community development, and social outreach.

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