Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Continuing Relief Aid for the April 25, 2015 Earthquake

With amazing compassion and generosity, momentum is still building with donations coming in to The Himalayan Project relief fund.  Through communication with friends in the mountains and contacts on the ground in Kathmandu, I have decided it is absolutely necessary to go to Nepal and fly up to our little mountain community of Chaurikharka in the Everest region where so much of The Himalayan Project work has been concentrated.  We need to assess first hand the devastation from the earthquake and what the immediate needs of the community are.  The rebuilding process will not take place overnight and The Himalayan Project wants to be thoughtful and sensitive and timely as we move forward, certainly engaging community leaders and school administrators all along the way.

Soon Nepal's disaster will slip under the radar screen as we move on with our busy lives.  The death toll has reached over 7000 with 8 million people in desperate need.  Much of the country still hasn't been reached for assessment as the areas are too remote and without any means of communication.  I have a climbing friend who is equipped with a satellite telephone and is literally walking from one village to the next and calling in his reports.  I'm sure as this information accumulates the devastation and death toll will skyrocket.

The Himalayan Project is shamelessly asking everyone to spread the word through any and all networks that you have!  Your generous donations will be going directly to those most in need and to the rebuilding of the school in Chaurikharka, soon to rise again as a vibrant and critical force in the community!

My friend Mingma Nuru Sherpa from Chaurikharka posted his feelings today on Facebook which I think are timely and hopeful and speak for many Nepalese citizen's:

“We need a helping hand to rebuild our country, village and houses...we all Nepalese need to be one hand to positively use all the help from national and international to solve this problem as soon as possible..this is time to think and do something not for talking and showing ...think for future, past is gone and present is going on so let's help each other... “


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