Saturday, November 21, 2015

Continuing efforts to raise relief aid.......let's rebuild a school!


Well, it’s time for another update on life in Nepal and the village of Chaurikharka since my visit to distribute relief aid in July.  After your incredible response following the earthquakes of April 25th and May 12th, every family in Chaurikharka received a piece of the “pie” and as of this date, everyone has been able to rebuild in preparation for the winter.  There has been great solace in the fact that the tents and tarps which have been providing the only shelter since the spring and all through the monsoons of the summer can now at last come down! 

The Himalayan Project’s next goal is to raise the funds for the reconstruction of the school which was so badly damaged in the second earthquake.  This particular school is such a lynchpin for the entire Everest region as it is the only school to provide a complete education, grades K-12.  As many of you know, many students walk several hours a day each way to school to be able to take advantage of this “gift” of education.  It was amazing to witness the resilience of this community in not missing a beat after all the earthquake damage to construct makeshift classrooms out of debris on the school grounds……and all of this during the omnipresent summer rains!

Out of the rubble one of the positive things that has transpired is that a group of energetic and enthusiastic young people in the village have formed a committee to oversee the rebuilding of the school.  As graduates of the school, they are committed to forming a collaboration between their mountain communities and international organizations who have shown an interest in participating in this project.  Besides The Himalayan Project, Edmund Hillary’s Himalayan Trust is on board along with groups from both Switzerland and Korea.  Somewhere along the way, a Japanese engineer has been engaged and he is providing an earthquake proof master plan.  The goal is to raise a total of $500,000.  This may sound astronomical, especially in that part of the world, but most of the costs will be in materials that have to be purchased in Kathmandu and then flown to the mountains.

I am excited by the initiative of the local people and their desire to coordinate with the outside world.  I hope you will consider as much generosity towards this as you certainly did immediately following the earthquakes in the spring!  The Nepali government at this point is so dysfunctional that it hasn’t yet been capable of figuring out how to distribute the millions of dollars that have been donated from all over the world.  The Himalayan Project works quietly and independently and through your incredible largesse has provided the means for people to try and resume their lives……..and education means a future that gives them hope.

I will be traveling to Nepal in the spring and invite anyone who may be interested to come along……..March 8th to the 23rd.  It will be a combination of visiting the school in Chaurikharka and also experiencing a 10 day trek across one of the world’s most magnificent landscapes.  It would be an honor to share this with you!  I have also just launched a new website so if you have a moment take a peek.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of your support.  The Himalayan Project works because of all of your generosity!  Please earmark any contributions to the Marion Institute for The Himalayan Project and send to Marion Institute, 202 Spring Street, Marion, MA 02738 or go to

I look forward to hearing from you!

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