About the Founder

About the Founder

For 35 years, Sally Hunsdorfer along with her husband Peter resided in Marion, MA, a seaside community on Buzzards Bay in southeastern Massachusetts.   Thoughts of travel and adventure were constantly knocking at the door and in 1997 Sally's passion for exploration got the better of her and she and her husband left behind two businesses,  pulled their two teenage sons out of school for a year and backpacked around the world.  It was an incredible year of discovery and inquiry,  learning how to comfortably embrace and respect all the political, religious and cultural diversity that make up the world in which we live.  It was also a year of learning how to be open and flexible as Sally and her family set off without a reservation anywhere in the world, making it possible to be spontaneous about where they went, who they traveled with and how long they chose to stay in any given location.

Along the way, Sally and her family spent 2 months in Nepal, with an invitation to interact directly and deeply within the Sherpa community, high in the Himalayas that border Tibet. Sally engaged in an up close and personal experience that forever changed her view of the world.  It was a life changing experience for the entire family but especially for Sally who felt a deep connection with not only the people but also with the wild and untamed beauty of the landscape.  However in order to return and “feed” this passion, Sally wanted to bring purpose and meaning to any future engagement with Nepal. Thus began the germination and formation of The Himalayan Project.  For the past 18 years, Sally has spent 2-3 months a year in Nepal directing work associated with her non-profit organization The Himalayan Project which is  dedicated to raising awareness for the plight and preservation of the Sherpa culture.

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