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Every year The Himalayan Project team delivers hundreds of desperately needed polar fleece jackets to extremely remote villages all over Nepal.  The clothing is collected from American students after an interactive classroom presentation “A Day in the Life of a Nepali Child” which is focused on nurturing awareness and compassion among American school children for the plight and beauty of  the Nepali culture.  The donated clothing is then washed and packed into body sized duffel bags, flown to Kathmandu with members of The Himalayan Project team who trek for a month with an expedition of human porters and/or yaks to offer up warm clothing to those in need.  A photographic journal is assembled from the time the donated fleece leaves an American classroom to the time it arrives in a remote Nepali village and Sally personally revisits every participating American school to show the students the impact that their efforts have made half way around the world.  Some American classes wanting to make more of a commitment sometimes spend a year knitting hats and scarves for Nepali school children and then share in the excitement of seeing pictures of the recipients in remote Nepali villages. The Himalayan Project has also developed a pen pal initiative which aims to connect Nepali students with school children in America, personally delivering the student correspondence as mail.

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